Daily Archives: September 23, 2019

Quiz and Combining Transformations

On September 23rd/24th we:

  • had our quiz on learning outcome #1
  • practiced putting all of our transformations together
  • were assigned Section 4.4 (if you get stuck on question 9, skip it and we’ll do it next day)

You will have a unit test on October 3rd/4th and it will cover the following learning outcomes:

  • L.O. 1:  Demonstrate understanding of how to preform basic transformations in isolation (translations, reflections, and dilations).
  • L.O. 2:  Demonstrate understanding of how to preform a series of transformations (translations, reflections, and dilations).
  • L.O. 3:  Demonstrate an understanding of inverse functions by determining their equations, graphs, and restrictions.

Here is the video from today: