Daily Archives: September 27, 2019


On September 27th/30th we:

  • reviewed for our upcoming unit test with the following:
    • signed up for our “DeltaMath” account and completed the review activity.  If you were absent, the instructions can be found here.desmos-graph
    • When working on this assignment, there is a basic function we haven’t done yet (but are still able to do using transformations).  Here’s the Desmos graph of it!
    • were assigned the DeltaMath assignment and also the Chapter Review and Practice test in the worktext.

These are ALL of the review assignments I will be assigning, so please do not feel the need to finish them all for next class.  You will have next class to work on them, and will have opportunities to use both classes to ask questions.  Next class we will not be using the laptop cart.

You will have a unit test on October 3rd/4th and it will cover the following learning outcomes:

  • L.O. 1:  Demonstrate understanding of how to preform basic transformations in isolation (translations, reflections, and dilations).
  • L.O. 2:  Demonstrate understanding of how to preform a series of transformations (translations, reflections, and dilations).
  • L.O. 3:  Demonstrate an understanding of inverse functions by determining their equations, graphs, and restrictions.