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Extra Practice (More Math 11 Review)

Some people were requesting extra practice, so I thought I’d share more here!  You’ll receive the results of your Check-In next class!

Review Check-In

On September 6th/10th we:

  • warmed up with a nonogram puzzle
  • went over the answers to last day’s review
  • did a check-in quiz so I can see where you’re at
  • were asked to determine the graph, domain, and range of basic functions (linear, quadratic, cubic, absolute value, reciprocal, radical). Here’s the picture of what I posted on the board in class.

Next day we will be using our worktexts, so please make sure you have purchased them by next class! 🙂

Welcome to Pre-Calc 12!!!

It was so great to meet you all today… I’m looking forward to a great year!

On September 4th/5th we:

The handout in class is for homework – please make sure you’re familiar with these topics. Feel free to come ask me for help! Currently extra help is available by appointment or by dropping by whenever you see my door open!

You can also email me at if you have any questions!